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Let's pass the NC Brunch Bill!



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Talking Points:

Call your legislators and ask them to vote yes on the Brunch Bill – SB 155 / HB 460

  • Allows local governing bodies to extend by resolution the hours of the sale of alcohol to begin at 10:00 AM on Sundays.
  • The “opt in’ provision is a measured approach. We believe a number of localities will want this new option for their citizens and guests. Other communities may not.
  •  Allows restaurants to better meet the needs of their guests.
  •   NC hospitality businesses serve over 55 million visitors who travel to our state annually—many of them from international destinations or from other states where there are no blue laws restricting alcohol service on Sunday mornings
  • Would increase sales revenue in restaurant, and with that, would significantly increase tax revenue.
  • Relaxation of Sunday blue laws to allow establishments to serve guests mimosas or Bloody Marys with brunch seems to be all benefits and no downside.
  • There is a national trend favoring letting patrons enjoy mimosas or Bloody Marys with morning brunch. Many states have recently addressed this issue and no longer have laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol at Sunday brunch.



By statute, NC allows on-premises alcohol sales statewide from 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM every day, except Sundays, when alcohol service cannot begin until noon. Learn more from CSH Law

In 2014, the NC General Assembly passed a bill that allowed Bank of America to sell alcohol beginning at 11:00 AM in Panther Stadium, which remains the only establishment in North Carolina that is allowed to sell alcohol before noon.

Passengers flying through North Carolina’s airports are not allowed to purchase alcohol until noon on Sundays.

The Sunday alcohol sales laws have been changed in NC before. Until 1993, Sunday alcohol sales could not begin in NC until 1:00 PM.



Several states have recently introduced brunch bills to allow Sunday morning alcohol sales, and some have become law. In Georgia, where a ‘brunch bill’ was introduced in March 2015, its sponsors estimated that passing the bill, which proposed allowing cities and municipalities to “opt in” and allow alcohol sales to begin at 10:30, would have created an extra $100 million in taxable sales of food and beverages. A “brunch bill” is currently under consideration in Alabama where a study shows that extending hours of sales increases revenue to business by as much at $25,000 per year—therefore resulting in increased tax collection.



Over the years, North Carolina and its counties, cities, and towns have passed and repealed a variety of statutes, regulations, and ordinances restricting Sunday activities. While most remaining blue laws govern alcohol sales, blue laws have historically restricted other menu options. Read more from CSH Law


Newsletter Examples:

Are you tired of waiting around until noon on Sundays to have a mimosa at brunch? It’s time to change these outdated laws in North Carolina! Support the #NCBrunchBill, which will allow municipalities to opt in to allow the sale of alcohol starting at 10:00 AM at restaurants on Sundays. Sign the petition to voice your support of this initiative.


We need your support of the #NCBrunchBill. Let’s allow alcohol sales to start at 10:00 AM at restaurants on Sundays. Act now by signing the petition below and forwarding the link to your family and friends. The more support we have, the better the chance we have to change the law. Click here to take action.


Let’s #freethemimosa on Sundays in North Carolina! Sign the petition to allow alcohol sales to start at 10:00 AM at restaurants, instead of noon. The more people that sign this petition, the louder our voice will be heard during legislative session! Click here to take action.


Social Media Swipe Copy:

Tell our legislators to let towns and cities to allow cocktails with brunch. Sign the petition today! #FreeTheMimosa


#NCBrunchBill will provide jobs to people in the restaurant industry. Sign the petition today to #FreeTheMimosa


The #NCBrunchBill will provide a source of revenue for cash strapped local governments. #FreeTheMimosa


The #NCBrunchBill will allow more restaurants to open for brunch. #FreeTheMimosa #NCBrunchBill


Brunch isn’t lunch. Support the #NCBrunchBill to let towns and cities decide when to serve drinks. #FreeTheMimosa


It’s time to put the punch into brunch. Let’s #FreeTheMimosa and pass the #NCBrunchBill.


Brunch is becoming a favorite pastime. Make cocktails part of the revelry. Let’s #FreeTheMimosa. #NCBrunchBill


A good brunch brings people together, jobs to communities and taxes to coffers. #NCBrunchbill #FreeTheMimosa


A good brunch adds to a vibrant downtown. #FreeTheMimosa #NCBrunchBill


Brunch is fun. The #NCBrunchBill will make it more fun. #FreeTheMimosa


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The goal of this petition is to not only highlight the support from restaurants across the state, but the support of your patrons and the community as a whole.

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